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Anabela Lourenco

About Anabela

Anabela Lourenco


First armour made in living years


Lessons of vast emotions


Learning's in fearless episodes


Letting all uncertainty go, humorously taking exuberant roars
The words above and my personal description of each, summarise all that I am and what I believe in, with my photography being an extension of me.

I love chocolates, as in LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE chocolates & my favourite craze at the moment is Instagram. It reminds me daily that the one thing I am sure about in life is photography and the rest... well, Que sera, sera.

The only philosophy I live by is ONE DAY AT A TIME. Tomorrow may never come, which leads to my love of tattoos. I have a few; I intend on getting more and no; it doesn’t bother me what I will look like @ 65, because.... tomorrow may never come ;-) I prefer Black over most colours and live in my head.. A LOT…. but being a Gemini, what do I expect? Its dreamland meets reality. 

I still have all my love letters (hand written), valentines cards & diaries from school days and when I laugh uncontrollably, I start to cry.... happy tears, of course.

I believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around and have a curiosity for the unknown.

So there you have it, I’m just a girl with a camera that adores her cats and will do anything for the ones she loves.

Much love, Anabela
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