Why I have been so quiet, just a little note…

Many that know me will tell you that I am positive and always look on the bright side and and and…BUT a recent event rattled me to the extent that it affected my photography, in more ways than one.

I was one of the many unfortunate residents of Randburg that fell victim to a house break in a few weeks back.

Now on the Friday afternoon of the burglary, Tim had popped out for literally 1 hour only to return to find our front door kicked in, cables lying all over the floor and cupboard contents scattered all over the rooms.

Short of the micro wave and kettle, they stole all our house hold electronics and of course, every bit of technology I had to run my photography business.

I arrived home and walked into an office that only had cables and stationary to remind me of what once was a place where I thrived to work and had years of memories saved.

For me, it wasn’t so much about the loss of the physical goods, but the priceless years of photos and work, not to mention the direct impact it had on clients of mine waiting for their photos.

I was saddened by the inconvenience my clients would have to face, waiting for me to get back onto my feet before I could hand over their photos as promised.

I don’t like to disappoint anyone and even though my clients have been VERY UNDERSTANDING, the feeling lingers, the work load piles up and the deadlines become shorter.

It has only been this past weekend that I can finally say that I am ready to pick myself up and move on, to focus on what I love and deliver with passion again, so I must warn you, there are some awesome wedding posts coming up over the next few weeks 🙂


To my clients, and you know who you are, I sit here with so much love in my heart for you, for checking in on me and seeing how I am doing, for being sooo very patient and understanding of the situation and most of all, for restoring my belief in my photography with all your kind words.

Much love to you all, I am smiling again….

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