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The definition of a Mother – A woman in relation to child to whom she has given birth, to bring up (a child) with care and affection.

This is a very “Oxford Dictionary” description so I will tell you what MY definition of my Mother is:

A woman that has raised 2 daughters by always putting us first above all her needs, continuously showering us with unconditional love & selfless guidance.

I have been truly blessed as today we celebrate my Mother’s 60th birthday.

Two weeks ago family gathered at the Witbank Portuguese Club to surprise my Mother with a birthday party. It was touch and go as that evening the sky opened up and poured its blessings in abundance of rain that my Mother insisted we rather postpone “dinner” arrangements to lunch the following day. With panic racing through my mind on how I was going to get my Mom to the club, many prayers were sent for the rain to stop just for a while. Just shortly before we were scheduled to leave, the rain subsided, I sighed with relief and off we went to the Portuguese Club.

With a presentation of photos recapping my Mother’s life and personal messages from nearest and dearest, the evening was a success. Further below are a few photos of the evening ( of which many were taken by Tim)

The first set of photos is of my Mother in her younger days, and even though time has passed and age has caught up, to me, she is still as beautiful and young at heart.



Without sounding like a broken record, I want to tell you how amazing you are, how I have become the woman I am today because of your love, support and understanding.

I could write so many stories about moments in my life that you played such a pivotal role, but then I would be writing forever.

Today, 60 years ago, God brought you into this world for a purpose and I believe you live your purpose beautifully each day.

The love you share with us is remarkable and the strength you carry is unmatchable. Thank you for being such an inspirational role model.

I love you so very much Mommy, more than words can say……



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