Good Riddance 2013!!

I dont think of myself as superstitious, but part of me believes that the number 13 has proven to being a very unlucky number as far as my life is concerned, especially in 2013( may I bring your attention to the last two digits of this year :-p)


I could list all the bad things that have happened to those nearest and dearest to me and of course myself in 2013, but what would be the point? To get a few ” ah no, so sorry to hear” “that is so tragic, when so and so went through that” just so the sympathy rolls in and we are no where closer to moving on.


I have to be fair and acknowledge that there were some good experiences over the past 12 months,but so few I can barely count them on my one hand, with one naturally related to this site…. the growth in my photography business.


I look back on this year and smile. I have been blessed with remarkable clients, challenging clients,understanding clients and returning clients. Each always leaving me with the same thought though – How can I improve and produce photos that are even more memorable?


So that is my quest for 2014, along with a personal project I will be commencing in March 2014 called “Artistic Embrace”.


Every client I have photographed, every potential client I met, and every enquiry email or call I received this year, has moulded me as a photographer in some way.


For this, I want to say thank you.


My wish for everyone reading this post is that 2014:

* Brings you nothing less than you truly deserve & not what you believe you should settle for.

* That with each new day, you experience a moment of love, be it from the passer by who smiles at you or your loved one that sends  you a little note with a heart drawn on and finally,

* That God shows you that ALL prayers are answered… in HIS time.


Much love to you all…

Uvongo Beach South Africa, Anabela Lourenco Photography



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